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Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are the automated systems used to deliver essential services to Canadians. ICS are responsible for everything from the electrical current that powers our computers, to the water that flows through our buildings, to the traffic lights that manage our daily commute. Public Safety Canada delivers ICS Security events aimed at strengthening the resilience of these critical systems.


Public Safety Canada is excited to announce the upcoming 2022 Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security Symposium series. Similar to last year's format, the Symposiums will occur in a series of virtual mini-conferences in order to deliver the content in safe and practical segments.

With increased awareness that the cyber security and physical security realms are intimately intertwined, the 2022 Symposium series will include presentations on a given theme and panel discussions with experts from both the cyber and the physical security fields.

ICS Security Symposium Series:

Understanding ICS Session

Public Safety Canada hosts a focused informational session, including presentations and facilitated discussions, for those unfamiliar with the complexities of ICS security. The objective of this foundational session is to upskill Canadian critical infrastructure (CI) personnel including management and senior officials and anyone working at CI sites where ICS are employed. We encourage those responsible for infrastructure security to attend in order to broaden their knowledge of the impacts and issues facing ICS today.

Topics covered in this session include:

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The dates for the next sessions are to be determined.

Technical Workshops

Public Safety Canada's ICS Security technical workshops are focused on the development of basic incident handler skills for the ICS environment. The objective of this training is to raise awareness by giving a hands-on experience using real tools and targets. Participants will be expected to have a basic to moderate level of computer security training and proficiency within a networked environment.

Details on the next ICS Technical Workshop will be posted as it becomes available.

ICS Webinars

Public Safety Canada hosts ICS-themed webinars that bring together various experts and industry leaders to present on in-depth and timely topics related to ICS and cyber security. It allows PS to engage with stakeholders continuously throughout the year as well as provide opportunities to update the community on security topics, promote the ICS Symposium, and build relationships with experts and industry leaders. Stay tuned for our next event by joining the PS ICS mailing list!

If you're a critical infrastructure owner or operator, contact us for inquiries related to the ICS Security Symposium and Technical Workshops.

CI Talks: Industrial Control Systems


Hello, and welcome to CI Talks. Today we will be talking about Public Safety Canada's Industrial Control Systems Security Program.

Industrial Control Systems, or ICS for short, are the automated systems used to deliver essential services to Canadians. ICS are responsible for everything from the electrical current that powers our electronics, to the water that flows through our buildings, to the traffic lights that manage our commute.

These systems have become increasingly connected to the internet. While this increased connectivity has brought significant efficiencies with respect to service delivery and system maintenance, it has also increased the range of risks to these critical systems, which if disrupted, would have significant impacts on the lives of Canadians.

Public Safety Canada is dedicated to supporting Canadian Critical Infrastructure stakeholders, in improving the cyber security resilience of these vital systems that underpin Canada's CI through its ICS Security program.

Public Safety's ICS Security program consist of initiatives specifically tailored for Canadian Critical Infrastructure.

The ICS Security Symposium is an important engagement mechanism that brings together ICS experts from across the 10 CI sectors in Canada to provide training, to share information on the latest threats and trends, and to discuss mitigation measures to strengthen the resilience of these critical systems.

Hundreds of stakeholders participate in this free conference, assisting CI owners and operators to better secure their most critical ICS systems.

Public Safety Canada developed the Understanding ICS session for those unfamiliar with the complexities of ICS Security. The objective of these foundational sessions is to upskill Canadian CI personnel including management, senior officials, and anyone working at CI sites where ICS are employed.

These sessions include an introductory overview of what industrial control systems are; the difference between Information Technology and Operational Technology; case studies of ICS cyber incidents; and other information and resources available to the CI community.

The ICS Technical Workshops provide hands-on training to support incident handler skills development among ICS practitioners. The technical workshop provides an opportunity for participants to practice mitigation and defense techniques through simulated cyber-attacks on operational technology environments, including trying to control the ICS of CI sites, such as a potable water system, rail network, and traffic light system of a model town.

Industrial Control Systems are everywhere, and they are supported by complex networks of people and machines that require constant attention and protection. By better understanding these often misunderstood systems, together we can begin to acknowledge their impact and criticality and improve the resilience of these vital systems.

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