Statutory Release Michel Vautour (Cox)

Date: August 12, 2020
Classification: Not Classified
Fully releasable (ATIP)? Yes
Branch / Agency: Parole Board of Canada

Issue: On August 8th, 2020 an offender on Statutory Release, (Michel Vautour (Cox)) was charged with kidnapping and robbery. The Offender’s Statutory Release had been suspended by Correctional Service Canada and referred to PBC for decision. On June 2nd, 2020, the Board rendered the decision to cancel the statutory release suspension with a reprimand to the offender.

Proposed Response:




Michel Vautour (Cox) was released from a penitentiary in 2017 on Statutory Release after serving two-thirds of a 21-year sentence. A psychologist determined in 2016 that Cox was still “a risk of reoffending sexually” and the risk was sufficiently high, according to the psychologist, to justify keeping Cox behind bars. CSC did not refer the case to PBC for a detention order at this time. 

The PBC imposed several conditions on Cox upon his release, including that he reside at a halfway house until his sentence expires in 2023. He is also required to inform his parole officer of any relationships he has with women and is not allowed to be in the presence of a minor unless accompanied by an adult who is aware of his criminal record. Cox was declared a Long-Term Offender in 2005, which means conditions can be imposed on him for 10 years after his prison term expires.


DP and FP denied in January 2017.
SR on October 2017.

Decision for change of conditions in December 2019:
A request to add an exception to the special condition to not be in presence of minors was recommended by CSC in order to allow the offender to go to a school for adults, where there could be minors. The PO and CSC’s psychologist were favorable to the modification of this special condition. The Board agreed to the request, and authorized the offender to be in presence of young girls aged 16 and 17, but only at an adult school and with the PO’s authorization.  

March 20, 2020: SR suspension
Following a complaint made to Child protection services, the offender confirmed that he had been in the presence of his girlfriend’s daughter twice in the last months, in presence of an adult, but the Parole officer had not authorized this adult as a responsible adult. As a result, the SR was suspended.

During the hearing, the BM noted that the offender realizes the importance of respecting his conditions. The release plan was considered realistic and the offender was open to the interventions since the beginning of his SR. At that time it was agreed that the offender will not have any further contact with his girlfriend and her children, limiting the risk of being in a risky situation. The Suspension was cancelled on June 2, 2020.

Prepared by: Mark Montreuil, A/Director, Public Affairs and Partnerships, (343) 542-5996
Approved by: Daryl Churney, Executive Director General, (613) 954-1153 

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